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Professional Development

It is well known that increased quality of services in early childhood begins with dedicated, well-trained professionals. We value your contribution to the education of the young children in our communities. We are honored to be able to provide this support to Early Childhood Professionals in Bent, Otero & Crowley Counties.



Professional Development Plan:
The first step in your professional development plan is to set career goals and plan activities to achieve those goals. One requirement to receive a scholarship from the Early Childhood Council is to develop a professional development plan (Professional Development Plan) and to review and update the
activities and goals annually. You can also use other professional development planning tools, such as those provided by an employer or found in the Professional Development Information System. If you need assistance in completing your plan, the Early Childhood Council is here to assist.

Scholarships for College-Level Courses:

Scholarships are intended to increase the professional development of early care and education providers in Bent, Otero & Crowley Counties. Scholarship awards are primarily funded through the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation but are also available for programs working with the Council through other quality improvement services. Please contact us if you have questions about what scholarships you might be eligible. Those individuals interested in receiving a scholarship must fill out all the ECCBOC Scholarship Application forms.

Please complete all enclosed forms and return the application to:

Early Childhood Council of Bent, Otero & Crowley

Professional Development Program 
315 E. 6th St.

Ordway, CO 81063
or Email to


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