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In 2007, Colorado House Bill 1062 authorized the creation of the Colorado Early Childhood Councils. The intent of the Councils as stated in the legislation is to “improve and sustain the availability, accessibility, capacity, and quality of early childhood services for children and families throughout the state.” According to the legislation, these Councils were established “to develop and ultimately implement a comprehensive system of early childhood services to ensure the school readiness of children five years of age or younger in the community”.


The Councils are a critical piece of early childhood services delivery throughout our state. They focus on advancing programs, resources and support around early learning, family support and parent education, and social, emotional, and mental health. They work to bring together local partners to improve the quality and availability of early childhood services for children and families in their communities. While not all Councils offer direct services to children and families, they work with partners to ensure that services are available. The Councils work to improve the systems and coordination of services. They embrace the vision of a comprehensive, connected network of resources and services that promote positive outcomes for young children and their families. This collective vision is illustrated in the Early Childhood Framework



Our Mission is to expand and improve the quality of early childhood

service and educational opportunities for families

in Bent, Otero & Crowley counties.



Our Vision is to ensure the healthy growth and optimal development of all young children and families so that each child is ready to succeed in school and life.

Early Childhood Councils

Executive Committee


Tami Stephenson

Ashley Paugh

Dee Leyba

Council Coordinator

Judy Rusher


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